Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

I'm not that big into movies anymore. I rarely watch them. In fact, TV and I have become distant friends. I became a TV junkie last year during the end of my pregnancy because lying on the couch was the only comfortable thing to do. Even after Jake was born I was still zoned out at night watching TV. So I had to go into TV rehab and turn to other things before my brain melted.

Anywho....I have been treating myself to Masterpiece Theater on Sundays. Why you say? They are broadcasting a series of Jane Austen movies. I've always enjoyed the movie adaptions of her books. It wasn't until Pride and Prejudice (the BBC 1995 version) that I've become obsessed. It's a three parter so that makes it all the more fun. I truly believe if our society had the grace and manners of early 19th century English soceity the world would be at peace. Forget for a momment that woman were considered property. I could seriously consider giving up equal rights to roam around the English countryside saying clever things in a frilly dress. Crazy I know. I'd probably last a day. Thankfully I have my Mr. Darcy and I enjoy being the mistress of his manor.

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