Monday, December 17, 2007


Here is my buffet all decorated with Christmas cards recieved from family and friends. I decided to display them here this year instead of hanging them up. Most of our gift making, gift wrapping, and gift shipping is done. I was really on the ball this year. I think I scared myself into motivation. I didn't want to spend this week running around like a crazy lady. I knew I wanted to be at peace this week before flying to WA this weekend.

Oh and for anyone who dreads making cookies during the holidays as much as I do here is a great recipe for something a little different.

Christmas Crunch
2 cups Rice Krispies
2 cups Capn' Crunch
1 cup cocktail peanuts (salted)
1 1/2 pretzels
1 bag of Wilton Melts (I like to use the red ones during Christmas)

Using double boiling method, melt candy melts. Mix all the "crunchy" ingredients in a large bowl. Pour melted candy melts in bowl and mix. Spread the mixture on wax paper and place on cookie sheet. Let in sit in the fridge until it hardens. Break apart and enjoy.

I'm sure alot of families have recipes similar to this one. I love it because I can make alot. I really do like making cookies, it's the clean up part I dread. Plus I eat too many of them while I'm baking them. I'm grateful to have friends who are talented bakers. :) a

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