Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brendan turns 7!

Oh my goodness these kiddos grow too fast! Brendan had a great birthday weekend. On Friday we took him and his buddy Jaron to Yokoso for some good Japanese food. The boys loved being close to fire on the habachi grille (hope I spelt that right). After dinner they sang Happy Birthday and the boys danced on the chairs. The wait staff at Yokoso requires that you dance on your chair when you have a birthday, weather you are a kid or grown up.

On Brendan's actual birthday on Sunday we did some more celebrating. He got to pick where to eat for lunch. He chose Brixx which is a local place here in Charleston. Brixx makes yummy woodfired pizza. Later we had cake and open presents. I got brave this year a made a cake. Well Betty Crocker helped me make the cake. I even took a picture.

Wouldn't Martha be proud!

Alexia gave Brendan a wooden B that she painted herself.

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